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What is your C4 score?

Brand Narrative Services

  • Evangelism Marketing:
    Memes, Themes & Schemes

  • Story Shaping  

  • Positioning & De-positioning 

  • Persuasion Design & Web Architectures

  • Storytelling Targeting

  • Content Creation 


We’ve all been in a room pitching something. An idea, product, our self.  You’re telling a story.  And, everyone is being polite and saying things like “interesting.”  ​

Sorry, but nobody in history has signed a check for something ‘interesting.’​


Then all of a sudden, someone in the room finally ‘groks’ it; they love it or they hate it. But, they get it.​

Remember what happened next?  The person’s body language changed. Their eyes dilated. Then enthusiastically said something like, “cool.”  And, almost telepathically, the rest of the participants start to get it too.  ​

Cool is where everybody selling wants to be.  Getting to cool quickly is the challenge.


Leveraging the output of the Architecture of Identity process, MANDALA works with executive teams to ensure your story is:

  • Compelling 

  • Credible

  • Clear and concise so it can be easily told and retold. 


Only then can your story become contagiousgo viral



Architecture of Identity

Brand Narratives & Strategies

Market Maneuvers 

Ecosystem Engagement

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