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"Positioning is defining the standard in ways that eliminate competitors from consideration."
Ron Richards
Radical Truth Marketing

Market Maneuvers Services

  • Determine the relevance and strength of the company's current market position -- supported by existing messaging and brand narratives. 

  • Reimagine alternatives sweet spots; some of which may have little to do with existing business practices, yet leverage existing assets in powerful new ways. 

  • Craft strategies to enter, engage and dominate the sector.



There is a multitude of ways to engage a market. Yet, finding its' 'sweet spot' and owning that position is every CXO's challenge.


As markets and technology evolve, so does relevance. Typically, companies' positioning choices are dictated by an initial analysis of their ability to solve 'known problems' in better ways.

Once established, that's where they stay. Stuck. Because the status quo has invested interests in keeping things the way they are.


We call it the 'tyranny of the bell curve'. Where the majority pull the company's collective thinking towards a set of shared beliefs.  Whether those assumptions work, or don't.

As Artemus Ward cautioned well over a century ago, "It ain't so much the things we don't know that get us in trouble. It's the things we know that ain't so."  

Sweet spots are real, relevant and evolving. They require re-imagining. Like a two-sided coin, companies will stay relevant as long as as they:

  • Find new problems to fix -- the majority of innovation today.

  • Create something so unique and cool, that people are compelled
    to want it.


We help executives re-imagine maneuvers that will continue driving market position and brand value. 


Architecture of Identity

Brand Strategies &

Market Maneuvers 

Ecosystem Engagement

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