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For two decades, Michael has been a leading evangelist and strategist for digital technology and marketing.
Growth & Exit Hacking
Market Engagement

Michael Caruso was fortunate to have been part of the emerging digital media scene in the San Francisco Bay Area over 20 years ago.  Michael has expertise in business, management, sales and marketing, and startups.   In 1997, Michael started and served as President of the first Internet Trade Association in San Francisco. As an early digital media pioneer, Michael held multiple senior sales leadership and business development positions, forging digital partnerships with key partners like Amazon, ebay, Warner Brothers, Microsoft, and leading advertising agencies.

As the co-founder and CEO of ClickFacts, a SaaS ad malware detection company, Michael helped develop industry standards for brand safety, viewability, and cybersecurity. Michael worked with leading brands like Microsoft, Bank of America, NewsCorp, and other brand leaders that valued cyber security, ad verification and brand safety. ClickFacts secured two patents and was the winner of Silicon Valley Bank’s Entrepreneur Showcase and STIRR’s Most Innovative Company Pitch. ClickFacts was in batch one of Ycombinator. 

Eventually Michael’s big brand experience, investment community relationships, and start up experience evolved into his existing consulting practice which has multiple components: strategy, advising, mentorship, sales set up, strategic partnership, prep for institutional investment, and revenue growth. Michael has worked with companies in multiple verticals: SaaS, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Healthcare/digital, Private Placement Insurance, Secondary shares, Ad Tech, Martech, Advertising, Cybersecurity, and Finance.

Michael has contributed to many trade publications including iMedia and Advertising Age, while also being referenced in the New York Post, AP Press, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Bloomberg and CNET. I have spoken at numerous industry events including the AAAAs, OMMA, iMedia, SES.

Michael is a General Partner with investment firms, and an advisor to start ups in the blockchain, finance, digital, AI, machine learning and cloud space.



Winner of Silicon Valley Bank’s Entrepreneur Showcase and STIRR Most Innovative Company Pitch when CEO of ClickFacts



Loves racing (F1 and Indy), deep sea fishing, Maui, Hawaii, Mountain Biking and Skiing.


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